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Our High-Quality Scuba Diving Products

Our Equipment and Gear

B & W Dive Company is here to help you from setting up your new equipment to teaching you how to operate that new diving equipment. See our most popular products below.

Atomic Z3 Regulator 


Atomic makes one of the best regulators in the diving market. This is a regulator first & second stage Z3.

SEAC Modular BCD


This BCD has a rear bladder & a lot of room for divers to customize their BCD.

Cressi TraveLight BCD


Lightweight BCs that roll up & fit in the travel bag. It comes in white, blue, or pink & in vest style or back inflate.

Atomic Mask, Fins, and Snorkel

Great quality gear here at B & W !

Made in the USA

LavaCore Scuba Diving Skin $26 - $219.95

This 2 mm. fleece lined skin is fantastic to layer or wear on its own for extra comfort during dives. 

Available in suits, shirts, pants, shorts, hoods & socks.

We also sell: 

  • Mask Defog

  • Mesh Bags

  • Dive Lights

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